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Metrosideros Red and Gold

(New Zealand Christmas tree)  Wonderful little plant, great for bonsai.  Colorful, glossy deep green leaves and nice, woody stems makes a nice little tree.  Younger growth has bright red stems and bright variegated margins on leaves, fading to chartreuse.


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Metrosideros Red and Gold

Average Rating 4.7 out of 5

Cute little tree

I like the round waxy leaves and red stems. New growth is red, but the tree does lignify ( get hardened and develop bark) which is still very nice, but not the red color, much like the Japanese maple. Mine has remained very bushy, so I hope it will be easy to keep as a miniature bonsai. I love it overall and think it’s an excellent addition to my collection.

Tobe Burgos-Passiglia Dec 11 2022, 13:16 PM

Fun boxwood alternative

The leaf shape and branching of this little guy makes it a fun boxwood alternative if you're interested in bonsai. It grows fairly well in good light -- the downside is that the red stems and the cute variegation don't seem to carry through on all the stems. Unfortunately, this plant also seems to be beloved of thrips, so I wasn't able to see it grow too much before it was a casualty of stress. I'll be trying it again, and hopefully this time long enough to see it at least flower, but with any luck grow into a shrub or tree! A note for the Violet Barn staff -- if possible, it would be great if you could identify what species this plant is, as there are about 60 options--tree, shrub, or vine--in the metrosideros genus!

Miriam Neigus Feb 14 2022, 14:53 PM

sweet and unusual

I have not had one of these plants in my collection yet, but would like to give this sweet and unusual plant a try.

sharon joiner Oct 28 2013, 11:24 AM

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