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Senecio r. variegated

(Senecio rowleyanus variegated) The variegated form of Senecio.  Not for terrariums, but it is small and spreading, didn't know where else to list it!  Succulent whose leaves are smaller than pea-sized 'balls' produced along string-like stem.  This clone has irregular, cream variegation.   Odd, yet adorable, plant.  Cute little, fuzzy, pom-pom blooms that are fragrant. 


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Senecio r. variegated

Average Rating 4.8 out of 5

Fast Grower, adorable!

Pricing of this plant for this price is a great deal! I found that mine grows fast, loves being misted and absolutely loves my eastern window sill. I also adore the tinges of pink and purple within the white variegation!

Anna Tran Apr 19 2021, 21:30 PM

Cute little pearls

Very cute little plant. Likes plenty of light. Not an easy one to find, but worth the effort.

Teresa Walker Apr 11 2021, 22:06 PM

Gorgeous and delicate

These are beautiful plants, and under the right conditions grow beautifully! They are somewhat finicky to care for, treat like a cactus or succulent- no soggy soil! Gets more white/pink in higher light.

Anonymous Apr 05 2021, 02:15 AM

Turns pink in high light!

This a darling little plant! If exposed to high light it will turn pink in parts! Hard to find but very worth it.

Kiana Keitash Mar 08 2020, 15:20 PM

Addicted to these Variegated Pearls

I bought one Var. Pearl's a few months back and could not wait till these came back in stock and had to buy 2 more !!! My first plant is already over 14 inches long ... love to watch these grow and the highly var lil pea Pearl's!!! *

Jennifer Pastore Feb 24 2020, 04:10 AM

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