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Teeny Bopper

The tiniest of the tiny!  Tiny, single, dark purple bells over very tiniest, glossy, dark green foliage.  Extremely tiny grower with upright, branching, habit.  Not difficult, but because of its very small size, not recommended for novice.  Microminiature trailer.  (Lyon)  AVSA #5017


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Teeny Bopper

Average Rating 5 out of 5

Tiny plant with the cutest blooms!!

I love everything about this plant! I had one for a good while but happened to lose it. I'm excited to get this one back in my collection! I don't think I can overstate how charming and TINY this plant is. Definitely going to be one of the highlights of my plant shelves!

Oliver Womack Mar 25 2024, 01:39 AM

Miniature prolific plant

I bought this plant on April 2022, unfortunately I lost it and I'm happy to get it back. The plant was healthy and bloomed with cute purple flowers. Highly recommend!

Anonymous Feb 23 2024, 14:20 PM

the cutest, tiniest plant!

just stunning! absolutely adorable tiny leaves, petite flowers—just a stunning little specimen. adore ordering from violet barn and hope to continue ordering in the future!

Michael Bae Nov 27 2023, 01:50 AM

Simply Adorable

I purchased Teeny Bopper a few years ago but couldn't get the proper wet dry cycle this Tiny plant required. After I lost my 1st I reordered another one and potted it in a self watering pot. The pot I also purched from the Violet Barn. I was able to get the plant to survive and when she bloomed I was delighted! The plant itself is very small and slow growing and slow blooming for me. I love how the flowers tower above the plant waving tiny little bell shaped blossoms. The tiny dark green leaves are thick and fuzzy. The entire plant is simply adorable that I keep this one in my bathroom so I can enjoy this tiny plant. Otherwise it gets lost amongst the giants.

Sandra hicks Nov 09 2023, 21:22 PM

A Tiny Treasure

The most adorable little african violet in my collection. Currently thriving and budding in a closed terrarium after a few months of settling in. Packaging is wonderful - truly the best I have seen in all my online plant purchases. You can tell Violet Barn deeply cares about the plants arriving healthy and happy in their new homes. Thank you so much!

Alexis Nicole Savopoulos Jan 23 2023, 01:38 AM


This is the teeniest violet I've ever owned. So cute, can't wait until it finally blooms. Was my first order with Violet Barn and was very pleased with the service!

Nicolette Tallmadge Jul 28 2022, 07:42 AM

Itty bitty indeed

This cutie was smaller than I could've dreamed and oh so cute. It grew well for me and bloomed nicely. I lost it and will be ordering again. It was a challenge just by it's sheer size but I love it.

Stefani Wilmington Apr 23 2022, 08:06 AM

Love this micro mini!

I love this tiny little trailer! I had it last year and it preformed wonderfully for me. When the world froze over for 2 weeks in February 2021 and even Texas turned into ice cubes, the heater couldn't keep the house warm enough and even a space heater couldn't keep several of my violets warm. Teeny Bopper was one of several plants that was lost to the cold.

Cherokee Hudson Jun 07 2021, 15:36 PM

Great Service

I recently ordered a couple micro minis. The order arrived on time and in perfect shape. The packaging is extraordinary! Both plants were in perfect shape and one was even blooming! Great company! Patti

Patti Gee Mar 15 2021, 19:10 PM

Teeny Tiny

This teeny tiny plant is a beauty. It arrived safe and expertly packed.

Anonymous Feb 13 2018, 20:09 PM

Itty bitty!

This is the tiniest of all the minis. One whole mature plant is smaller than one leaf from a standard AV. I would not want to be without this microminiature in my collection.

Iris Johnson Oct 10 2016, 20:15 PM

My Favorite Teeny Tiny

I ordered this from a grower a couple of months ago and I over watered it!! Sad day :( I placed a order with Violet Barn yesterday and was looking at the trailers and what did I see ?? I couldn't believe it Teeny Bopper, I had to update my order, had to have it !! I've only been growing since I ordered my first violets from the VB last August and have been wanting this trailer for so long !! So glad I have found it for the 2nd time !! I promise Teeny Bopper I will do everything in my power to make you a success, I refuse to give up !!!

Candace Sanks Sep 04 2015, 12:25 PM


I ordered this a few months ago. Been waiting for it to be back in stock to order another. I am hooked on this little gem. The flowers are precious.

Jennifer Endonino Sep 03 2015, 18:58 PM

Little Gem

This is a tiny trailer that I find a real gem. However, I agree not for the novice. You need special tools, scissors and tweezers to work with this one. You also need the basic knowledge on how to work with trailers. I love this plant and it is a true tiny beauty that would probably be happy in a 2 1/2" pot for life.

Rena Cisneros Oct 05 2014, 00:20 AM

She's a lovely little plant, I was a bad grower!

Tiny Bopper is a gorgeous little plant! However, it is not for everybody and certainly was not for me at the time. I have received it two years ago. It was in bud, and shortly it bloomed. However, I think it needed more attention than I could give her then, what with work and a toddler in tow... I never managed to get new crowns growing before I killed her... All flowers need our attention, but minis like this more so. If I were to try it again, and I will, I will definitely put her on a self-watering system. The only reason I deducted a star is that I believe it needs more care than a bigger-sized plant. Though the star should be deducted from my description, I was not a 5-star grower.

Alexandra Locovei Aug 25 2014, 11:53 AM

So Pretty!

I've ordered one as a gift before and just love how it turned out!

Anonymous Apr 12 2014, 12:50 PM

So petite!

This tiny violet began to bud within 4 weeks and is a favorite of mine.

jennifer grant miritello Mar 14 2013, 09:15 AM

Love Mini's

This is by far my favorite miniature, it hasn't bloomed yet, but the plant's little leaves make it adorable!!!!

Brooke Dec 01 2011, 12:53 PM

Tiny and pretty

This is the most tiny violet I've ever had. It's very cute and pretty! When I received the plant, it already had lots of flower buds and started blooming right after. Because of its size, I had to raise it closer to the light. And because of that, it became a center of attention on my plant stand. Highly recommended!

Mona Oct 20 2011, 14:29 PM

Oh so tiny

Teeny Bopper is so tiny and adorable. It is a constant bloomer. Mine is in a south window,and looks like a little tree.

Raina Jul 28 2011, 18:51 PM

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