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Rob's Miriwinni

Single pink pansies with blue pinwheel rays and speckling.  Rounded, quilted, semiminiature trailing foliage.  Constant bloomer.


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Rob's Miriwinni

Average Rating 4.9 out of 5

Happy, busy bloomer

If this one doesn’t bring a smile to your face, I don’t know what will. The adorable blooms are held above the foliage by long stalks making it appear to be waving hey look at me! The pattern on each flower face is different, and I love that about it. For me, it is a constant and profuse bloomer.

Wanda Blue Aug 11 2023, 11:47 AM

The Best Constant Bloomer

I purchased several trailers last fall (2022). The best performer to date has been Rob's Miriwinni. It has grown with vigor, filled out quickly and is loaded with blossoms. The flower shape and coloring are pleasing different and add variety to my violet collection.

Mary J Lis Apr 15 2023, 20:31 PM

Stunning and easy bloomer!

I got this one as a surprise and oh my goodness I was so delighted! I was on the fence between this and another and I’m so glad it came. I’m experienced with houseplants but newer to African violets and this has been an incredibly easy one to get to bloom and flourish. I love the simplicity of the blooms and how cheerful and varied they are. Already getting ready to order more.

Abigail Howard Oct 30 2022, 00:58 AM

So lovely

Arrived healthy, in bud & has already started blooming. My flowers have more variation than the pictures here, one is just speckled & the other has a single large pinwheel ray going to the side. They are really sweet looking though.

Erin Uptegrove Oct 24 2022, 10:58 AM

Adorable little trailer

I've become a big fan of semi mini trailers. I have 3 of Rob's trailers and all of them bloom constantly. I love the fantasy blooms on Miriwinni. The only negative thing I could say about this one is that my plant is a dropper. So, I keep my plant on the shelf where it is less likely to get bumped so that the blooms will last longer on the plant. Miriwinni is definitely one of my favorites.

Dottie Freier Apr 20 2021, 11:51 AM

Adorable mini trailer

This little mini is so cute & has such beautiful little 2 tone simple blooms. Such a great addition to any collection,

Phyllis Van Dyke Apr 19 2021, 00:50 AM

Rob's Miriwinni

I love this plant. Beautiful flowers, and lovely foliage. Got it and within weeks, it had doubled its size and bloomed. Beautiful addition to my window full of violets!!!!

Deborah Fuxa Jul 18 2020, 23:02 PM

everything that i hoped it would be

i had been wanting this one for a while & once spring arrived i purchased it. so glad i did-- the foliage & flowers are beautiful. it began blooming within days of unboxing & has continued to do so abundantly since then. thank you!

Tessa Curtis May 05 2019, 10:56 AM

Easy Grower

Very easy to grow and a great conversation piece.

Raina Snell Aug 13 2018, 18:59 PM

My Favorite

When I viewed the picture I thought that was about the cutest bloom I had ever seen. And Indeed it is in real life. This little trailer is absolutely delightful! It blooms all the time and has nice foliage and trailing habit. Since I tend to be a neglectful violet grower I need help from my flowers and this one never disappoints me. I love this violet and so did the nasty aphids when they attacked all of my house plants! I reordered this lovely trailer to find it just as delightful as the 1st one I bought. Hopefully I do not have any future aphid problems.

Sandra Hicks Jan 08 2018, 14:40 PM

Love it!

Received full, healthy and beginning to bloom! I'm excited for the blooms to appear, recommended!

Florence Lu Oct 01 2017, 03:51 AM

Growing Nicely!

Purchased this as my first trailer in June. It's grown impressively since then and is now starting to put out buds. I'm really liking the way the trailers grow and need to add more!

Mary Jane Hoshaw Sep 26 2017, 21:08 PM

I want another one!

I had the cutest Miriwinni, but it began to decline with some violet issues I had this summer. I did not get my Miriwinni from the VIolet Barn, and perhaps because of this, mine never showed much of the fantasy, and definitely not the chimera type stripe. My Miriwinni was much more solid pink with just a few faint, barely noticeable marks, and not even on all blooms. Still, it was a really fun plant, and I would like to order one from the Violet Barn in one of my orders, and hope that I get a more stable /healthy specimen straight from the source/hybridizer! :) Really sweet little trailer!

Jennifer Less Sep 25 2017, 14:18 PM


My first Best in Show was won with Rob's Miriwinni grown in a large shallow dish (see pix above). This little plant is so floriferous - it just keeps blooming & blooming. Highly recommended as show & project plant, as it is easy to grow & shape. Rob - Thank you for hybridizing this little jewel!

Glenda Williams - First Austin African Violet Society Oct 12 2016, 10:33 AM

Love my Miriwinni!

Rob's Miriwinni is my only fantasy trailer and I love it! The pinwheel looks like a Chimera and it holds its blooms well above the foliage. You won't go wrong getting this one!

Dorothea Widerski Mar 16 2016, 17:53 PM

A real keeper...

Five stars for a great little plant!

Brian Morley Sep 06 2015, 19:34 PM

Oh so sweet

This little treasure took off as soon as I put it in my light rack. Within a couple of days it had buds and is putting out big, unusual, and absolutely adorable flowers. They look like the picture except even cuter in person. It's almost unreal how cute these blossoms are. The pinwheel rays and speckling are very clear. Every day it gives me more flowers! It's a vigorous, healthy, perky smile maker! Love it and will always have one.

Anonymous Jun 13 2015, 01:05 AM

A darling favorite

This is one for my absolute favorite trailers from Rob, it is such a gorgeous , sweet little trailer and as always it came in perfect condition , I am so happy with all the plants I have ordered from Rob over the years , I have never had a complaint , thank you Rob and Ma for such lovely plants :)

Connie Schanfield May 12 2015, 10:23 AM

My first unique violet!

I bought this plant in January 2015, and it's in full bloom now (April 2015). My mom and brother thought the blossoms were fake due to the sparkling and speckles. This is my first exotic AV, I have the "normal" ones from the grocery store, which are good, reliable bloomers, but I'm excited to have a unique plant among my collection.

adriana kitten Apr 30 2015, 10:44 AM


I was a little hesitant to order Miriwinni because of the speckling, but when I saw the blossoms I immediately fell in love with this little plant. It is so dainty and sweet! Can't wait to see it all grown up and blossoming fully. And, as usual, the care in packaging my order really was impressive! Thank you!

Susan Burke Mar 28 2015, 14:54 PM


Nice healthy plant arrived with buds. One bloomed the day after I received it. The blooms stand very high over the leaves with pretty fantasy.

Mara Thomas Mar 18 2015, 17:33 PM

Already love this plant

Purchased this plant earlier this month. Arrived with a couple of buds and has simply taken off -- beautiful, continuous blooms that are simply gorgeous. This has already become one of my favorites.

Alba Sequeira Jun 21 2013, 21:47 PM

little darling plant

When I got this plant she was very small and had no buds at all. About a month later she just took off and started to form buds. She is now full of flowers, so much that I cant even see leaves. If you dont have one yet then is a must plant for you. You will love it.

LINDA LIEU May 16 2013, 17:48 PM

Excited you have this back in stock!

Rob's Miriwinni was one of the first plants which reminds me of my younger sister and the trip we took together to our first AV show and the first plant she bought. I'm happy to have the plant back in our collection!

Barbara C. Kempley Mar 01 2013, 11:47 AM

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