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Rob's Calypso Beat

Great!  Bright pink sdbls. dotted with purple fantasy.  Heavy and constant bloomer.  Semiminiature.  AVSA #8169


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Rob's Calypso Beat

Average Rating 4.8 out of 5

Securely packed, beautiful little violets

I received this semi-mini and Rob's Fuddy Duddy in the same order. Rob's Calypso had a single bloom that was a little sad from being transported, so I pinched it off. Other than that both plants were in perfect shape. Rob's Fuddy Duddy had two blooms and several buds. I am extremely happy with how quickly I received them, how securely they were packed and how beautiful the plants are. These are the first AV's that I've owned in many, many years. I will definitely order more from the Violet Barn to build my collection.

judie sigdel Jun 17 2019, 15:24 PM

Picture does not do this plant justice!!!

This was one of the 10 in the assorted mini's I ordered. It arrived in bloom as well as several others in bloom. The color is breath taking. The dark flecks of purple make me think of star dust for some reason. Almost all arrived in bloom or in bud, many buds. I cant wait for them to open to be in awe of the colors. All arrived in great shape. I had 3 or 4 broken leaves but they are so full it didn't matter. Great assortment several with beautiful varigated leaves. Great job done by the team at Violet Barn!! I will order again. *

Anonymous Apr 26 2019, 18:37 PM

Highly Recommended

Rob’s Caylpso Beat is such a gorgeous mini. The leaves shape nicely, and the purple fantasy is beautiful. I remove the flowers as soon as they show any sign of decay, but I can’t bring myself to toss them. So, I float them in a dish of water to admire their beauty just a little longer!

Anonymous Apr 09 2019, 15:09 PM


In bloom for me upon arrival. Beautiful. Soft pink with trace blue speckles. Lovely delicate looking flowers. Thank you!

Gina Montagna Feb 24 2019, 23:36 PM

love the blooms

I got this plant in July. It arrived with several blooms and continued to bloom nicely until this last month. I hope it is just going dormant for awhile, because I love the fantasy coloring!

Margaret Siirila Oct 19 2018, 16:56 PM

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