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Rob's Cherry Soda

Sdbl. rose pansies speckled with dark rose-red fantasy.  Dark variegated miniature foliage.  Very heavy bloomer.  AVSA #8055


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Rob's Cherry Soda

Average Rating 4.8 out of 5

Rob’s choice mini violets

Just received my latest order of five mini violets Rob’s choice. The packaging, selection and quality of these little darling surpasses all others. I am addicted!

LINDA DePasquale Oct 26 2023, 14:01 PM

Rob’s Cherry Soda

I received my order today everything came packaged really well. This Violet is so cute and small, looks really healthy and already has blooms. My only complaint or comment is that the one I received is more purple rather than pink like the picture shows. I will definitely be ordering more.

Suzanne Sibley Aug 17 2023, 11:11 AM


Beautiful little plant. It is getting ready to bloom as it has buds all over it. The reason I only gave it four stars is because the leaves show no variegation.

Linda Gilli Jul 21 2023, 13:36 PM

Cherry Soda

This plant is a lovely bloomer with bold colors. It is a stand out in my collection.

Mitzi Sinclair May 20 2023, 08:19 AM

gorgeous as always!

Received this as a freebie with my last order and it is so beautiful! Great, darker variegated foliage and flower buds already. I am absolutely hooked on Violet Barn!

Shellie Posavatz May 06 2022, 15:43 PM

Great Little Show Plant!

Ordered this miniature violet from Violet Barn in 2021... Foliage tiles very nicely. It is definitely a very heavy bloomer! Beautiful blossoms... love their color and shape.

Linda Sumski Apr 22 2022, 12:55 PM

absolutely lovely!

First order and I am forever hooked buying my African Violets from Violet Barn!

Anonymous Oct 29 2021, 12:17 PM

Such a cutie ❤️

I have had Rob's Cherry Soda for a few months. This is my first miniature African Violet and it is such a cutie. The first couple of months she wasn't growing but a friend recommended that I put the violet in a dome. My Rob's Cherry Soda is now thriving . . . Fingers crossed she will be blooming soon

Bonnie Hunter Oct 14 2021, 21:14 PM

Blooms like crazy

Easy bloomer!

David Pyles May 18 2021, 23:34 PM

Very pretty!

When I received this violet, it arrived in great shape and full of buds. The beautiful, little, frilly blossoms lasted along time. The leaves had nice verigation. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way, it took a down hill turn. It's been slowely recovering and has recently bloomed again, though the leaves don't look so good. However, I successfully removed two suckers from it, and they are looking great! One is even putting out little buds. It really is a beautiful, little violet, but maybe a little more sensitive.

TAMARA NAZARI May 03 2021, 17:51 PM

Excited to receive

I am about to order this beautiful Cherry Soda, I am ordering another one from the hybrid page. I have 3 pots for miniature, hoping you send me a free mini for my 3rd pot..

Richard L Feather & Cynthia Feather Apr 08 2021, 17:36 PM


First I have to say, I am continually impressed with the shipment packaging. Yesterday I received my order in 98 degree weather. The postman left the package (unusually) in the drive in direct sun. All the plants were in great condition, especially this gorgeous little violet, Rob's Cherry Soda! It was actually in bloom. I am in love all over again!

Cynthia Dailey Oct 04 2020, 18:29 PM


This little av is so cute and she's been blooming since I got her. I'm never disappointed with the plants from Violet Barn. Thank you!

Irene Fukuji Oct 27 2019, 03:43 AM

Beautiful, and arrived in bloom!

Currently on display as a favorite. I couldn’t believe the amount of blooms it arrived with, and none of them look like they’re going anywhere anytime soon! Thanks for another lovely miniature!

Jackson Pike Sep 23 2019, 23:03 PM

Love this violet

this violet is in full bloom -seems to have more flowers than leaves

REGINA HENDERSON Jul 17 2019, 17:25 PM


When they say it is a heavy bloomer they are not kidding. Had one bloom when she arrived a short time ago. Now has 10 or more and a lot of buds. The blooms are beautiful on it too. Would definitely say you need this one if you are doing the mini's.

Nancy Breen Jul 11 2019, 15:34 PM

Superior plant

Very nice grower. Heavy and beautiful blooms just a month or so after purchase!

Peyton Williams Oct 24 2018, 12:20 PM

Great little plant!

Cherry Soda took a while to take off for me, but once it did, it has been in constant bloom. It keeps a nice shape without any help from me.

Jane P Sep 09 2018, 22:01 PM

Beautiful foliage, growing well

I've only had mine for a few weeks, but I think it has doubled in size already on a west-facing window sill, and the foliage alone is just beautiful. I can't wait until it blooms for me!

Lisa Isenberger Jun 25 2018, 19:29 PM

Pretty as the picture!

This plant has done really well for me despite my limited mini AV experience. The blooms are full & quite frilly. The foliage has beautiful variegation & is symmetrical without any help from me. Great mini!

Anonymous Jun 04 2018, 11:08 AM

Family favorite

I had this one years ago, and it was a family favorite. Frequent bloomer. Cute little compact plant. Lived a long time.

Kiley Quinn Apr 27 2018, 16:51 PM


I definitely like growing this one. It blooms a lot for a small one. I think my little guy might be sporting or doesn't love my conditions, but I like the sport or what it's doing too. Very nice growth habit. It would be another star if the sport was of a color I could see and evaluate honestly, but I would definitely recommend this plant on growth habit alone.

Rachel Witmer Mar 26 2018, 14:15 PM


Received as one of my order of ten mini violets and it arrived in bloom. It's growing really well and the blooms are so pretty. Recommended!

Florence Lu Sep 19 2017, 13:32 PM

Beautiful and Virtually Indestructable

I ordered this plant from Violet Barn many years ago, and it's STILL going strong. I admit that due to life stresses it hasn't always had the attention it deserves, but it doesn't care - it keeps right on growing and blooming. There are not enough superlatives to describe this violet.

Anonymous Jul 31 2017, 16:38 PM

Wonderful flower

A wonderful flower and the plant with the very pretty beautiful leaf color.

AKIKO YAMAMOTO Apr 25 2017, 19:03 PM


Wonderful mini violet. Not only are the flowers beautiful, but it grows fantastic in a terrarium - it's always in bloom. One of the best.

Kay Becker Apr 30 2016, 15:30 PM

Thriving and blooming!

What a wonderful surprise to see Cherry Soda's bright pink flowers peeking at me from inside the hanging terrarium where it was planted several months ago! Very pleased!

Daria Kiselica Mar 19 2016, 07:17 AM

Lots and lots of Blooms!

I bought this little gem at the reccommendation of someone online. I'm so glad I did! When it arrived it was healthy although not in bloom. In a few weeks it had a multitude of buds, and then bloomed into such beautiful little pink flowers! It has quickly become of my favorites of my mini's! Still has lots of new buds. I am sure it will be blooming for a while yet!

Debra Santilli Sep 07 2015, 08:54 AM

Gorgeous & heavy bloomer

This mini came loaded with blossoms. It has blossomed twice more after that in just 4 months. It is close to a sunny window and it seems to love the sun. Highly recommended.

Cecilia Stoute Jul 20 2015, 10:44 AM


this one blooms so heavy you almost can't see the leaves..wonderful color...

Marigene Cole May 03 2015, 10:30 AM

Wonderful Bloomer

I have had this plant for about 2 weeks. It was full of blooms when it arrived and it is still full of blooms. They seem to really last a long time. The colors are striking. You can't go wrong with this little guy.

Sandie Roush May 01 2015, 00:36 AM

Absolutely Beautiful

I received my Rob's Cherry Soda yesterday. It had quite a few blooms open and is a beautiful plant. Packaging is excellent as usual!

Theresa Smith Apr 17 2015, 13:33 PM

A cherry soda indeed

I have had this plant for over a year and it is just as pretty as when I received it. Good quality of plants.

carol posey Apr 11 2015, 16:29 PM

robs cherry soda

I won a rosette ribbon in the seattle african violet show in 2009 with this one.

Marigene Cole Jan 15 2015, 20:23 PM


Lots of blooms, love it, giving it to my mother, so need another one!

Anonymous Aug 30 2014, 11:26 AM

Great little bloomer!

Rob's Cherry Soda is a great little plant. I've grown this one for years and it is a profuse bloomer, the blooms are gorgeous!

vera carlson Aug 29 2014, 09:48 AM

Love this plant

This plant is so wonderful. Potted great and package came safely. Love the looks of the leaves.

Deana Rennison May 30 2014, 13:17 PM

Great first time purchase

Placed my first order and I am really impressed with the way the plants are packaged. Robs Cherry Soda Miniature not only came with a few blooms, but plenty of buds. I cannot wait to receive my second order!

Deana Rennison May 15 2014, 19:14 PM

Good name

The color is great. I've started several of these and gave as gifts. It is a great part of the collection.

Judy Tallman Mar 25 2014, 14:31 PM

Rob's Cherry Soda

How delighted was I when I opened my shipping box to find this little beauty with 4 beautiful blooms and loaded with buds! My Kitten Caboodle, also today's order, will be blooming soon, too. This is my second order in a month, and I couldn't be more pleased. Your packaging is superlative to any live plant I've ever ordered and from now on, I'm strictly a Violet Barn customer. Your plants and shipping surpasses any other I've dealt with! So happy to have found you.

Helen White Feb 22 2014, 22:15 PM

Rob's Cherry Soda

This is a beautiful little violet. I bought it several years ago and have started many babies from the leaves. It blooms alot and is very hardy.

Anonymous Jan 21 2014, 21:10 PM

Can't wait to see the flowers )))

I got this plant with my first order. It's a cute little one without flowers yet and I can't wait to see my first flowers on this plant. I'm very happy that all my plants came undamaged and in a great shape and health!!

Katsiaryna Minachkina Nov 16 2013, 11:10 AM

hardy little thing

I got this as part of the seller's choice package about 3 months ago. It came with a few blooms and has continued to bloom. I haven't had lots of blooms all at once, but it always has 1 or 2. I haven't had problems with the blooms coming out different color, as some others have commented. Mine blooms very true to the color in the picture. Overall, I''m happy with the plant and it's blooms.

Margaret Siirila Oct 18 2013, 04:11 AM

Cherry Soda Bubbles with Blooms

I received Cherry Soda a few months ago in perfect condition with one bloom on it. Now it has 17 blooms with more coming! I'm very happy with the number of blooms, however, my plant has no variegated foliage and the color of the blooms are not as vivid as the picture. The Cherry Soda plant I have is a cute, tidy miniature plant with lots of pinky-mauve blooms.

Mary Fleming Sep 08 2013, 16:30 PM

Color not the same

I've had this plant about 3 weeks. It came with an abundance of buds, but only one opened. I'm hoping it's a slow starter as someone else mentioned. The color is more of a lilac than dark rose. Still pretty!

Mary Castor Jun 29 2013, 11:10 AM

Rob's Cherry Soda.

Another of Rob's exquisite heavy bloomers with awesome variagation. I love the leaves as much as the blooms!!!

Dudley Louvier Mar 08 2013, 01:50 AM

its a fighter

I bought four different minis a few months ago. Its been colder than usual here and this Cherry Soda was the only one that has bloomed so far! the blooms lasts a really long time and is saturated with pure pink speckles. Very cute!

lisa cho Feb 24 2013, 21:07 PM


This little plant is a real gem. It started slow but its was worth the wait. Consistant bloomer...I'm now hooked on minis.

Elena Colandrea Jan 23 2013, 11:11 AM

Miniature Violet

I've had this miniature for many years and it has continued to do well.

Melissa Jensen Oct 19 2012, 15:10 PM

Splendid little Plant!

When this Mini Violet came to me, I was in awe! Precios tiny varigated leaves and the most gorgeous little flowers to behold.....I am very happy :-)

Jaime Jul 26 2012, 02:09 AM

Cherry Soda

This has been in constant bloom since I got it a few months ago! One of my favorites.

Laura G Jun 23 2012, 19:35 PM

great little plant

Ordered this plant from Violet Barn and has not stopped blooming! Very easy to care for and looks great on my window sill.

Lisa Hansen Apr 13 2012, 21:00 PM

Rob's Cherry Soda

I ordered this beauty last year & it is as pretty now as when it first arrived. It is constantly in bloom & flourishes without special care. The colors of the blossoms are unlike anything you can imagine in nature. A daily joy to look at.

Janet Wilson Sep 08 2011, 14:26 PM

Mountain Mama

WOW! Lots of color on a tiny plant. You will love it.

Mitzy Kennaugh Jun 10 2011, 19:34 PM

constant bloomer on the windowsill

Rob's Cherry Soda is my best bloomer, always loaded with buds and/or flowers. The heavily fuchsia-speckled flowers stand well above the deep green (speckled creamy bronze, mostly on the edges), easy-growing, foliage. It's an eye-catcher in full bloom on my windowsill.

Jaye Hendrix Jun 06 2011, 08:24 AM

Beyond Expectations!

This was the first plant I chose to order from The Violet Barn, and it is definitely a pleaser! The colors in the photo don't do it justice! The plant is very good-sized, and came with multiple buds on it, which all opened within a few days of sitting under my lights; and the growth habit is excellent - much better than ANY "garden center" violet you'll see out there.

Timothy Castillo May 03 2011, 23:47 PM

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