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Rob's Itchy Britches

Very pretty.  Large, frilled sdbl. white stars edged pink with blue fantasy flecks.  Wavy, green and white variegated foliage.  Miniature.  AVSA #9801


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Rob's Itchy Britches

Average Rating 4.9 out of 5

Cutest Little Plant!

I just got this little violet in the mail a couple of days ago. My plant was so well packaged that it came with no damage whatsoever and none of the leaves fell off when I unwrapped it. I was also pleasantly surprised that my plant was in bloom and was also budding! Thank you for a happy healthy plant.

Dena Marquez Oct 15 2022, 14:18 PM

So Charming

This was a lovely little violet! I'm getting one for my friend because it's so cute!

Dex Xu Aug 17 2022, 09:32 AM

Great for Terrariums!

I love, love, LOVE variegated plants, and recently I've been on a huge terrarium making kick. And Rob's Itchy Britches was one pf my first mini violets that I decided to grow under glass. This little beauty is a powerhouse that does not quit! I have mine growing single in a glass jar terrarium and it has bloomed twice since I bought it last year, one small single bloom and then a huge flush last month! Like a tiny dream fairyland inside a glass. If you want a lovely blooming plant for a terrarium or windowsill, one that will delight and surprise you every time you see it, Rob's Itchy Britches is the plant for you!

Lena M Jul 07 2022, 16:59 PM

Sad tale of Itchy Britches.

Although Violet Barn is an excellent place to buy African Violets, my experience with Itchy Britches was not good. I bought two Itchy Britches plants. Neither thrived. Neither grew nor bloomed, and both, first one an then the other, dwindled away to nothing. I am a new grower of African Violets and my culture may have contributed to their demise, but none of the other violets failed like Britches. I gave it a four because of the possible role of my culture, otherwise I would give it a 2.

Wanda Pugner Jun 06 2021, 16:09 PM

Love this one!

This is one of my favorite Rob's! It's a sweet little plant and blooms beautifully!

Anonymous May 23 2021, 23:15 PM

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