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Rob's Itchy Britches

Very pretty.  Large, frilled sdbl. white stars edged pink with blue fantasy flecks.  Wavy, green and white variegated foliage.  Miniature.  AVSA #9801


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Rob's Itchy Britches

Average Rating 4.9 out of 5

Such a healthy delivery!

All the plants I ordered came in excellant condition! Probably because of the extra care that is taken in packaging. This little cutie has such pretty foliage, I can't wait to see the blooms!

Phyllis Gibbs Jul 12 2024, 21:32 PM


I love the coloration on this violet. I have had the on gifted to me for 2 years and going strong!

Ashley Hood Aug 07 2023, 14:29 PM

Rob's Itchy Britches

I couldn't be happier. Arrived in perfect condition in 90° + weather. Thanks!

Rebecca Shaw Jul 27 2023, 09:55 AM

Special Offer Pick

First miniature violet I received with flowers. Small plant with big, fancy flowers and some variegated, light green leaves. Pretty and small.

Mary J Lis Apr 15 2023, 21:58 PM

Now loving these miniatures

I just received this mini. I ordered it on a whim. Now I adore this little one. It was so well packed and arrived with two blooms. It is a bright, happy plant to greet me every morning.

Sharon Locke Apr 14 2023, 14:37 PM

Very cute little plant

Very adorable little violet. It’s tiny blooms are like little paintings, very pretty & dainty.

Cynthia Glenn Oct 23 2022, 05:58 AM

Cutest Little Plant!

I just got this little violet in the mail a couple of days ago. My plant was so well packaged that it came with no damage whatsoever and none of the leaves fell off when I unwrapped it. I was also pleasantly surprised that my plant was in bloom and was also budding! Thank you for a happy healthy plant.

Dena Marquez Oct 15 2022, 14:18 PM

So Charming

This was a lovely little violet! I'm getting one for my friend because it's so cute!

Dex Xu Aug 17 2022, 09:32 AM

Great for Terrariums!

I love, love, LOVE variegated plants, and recently I've been on a huge terrarium making kick. And Rob's Itchy Britches was one pf my first mini violets that I decided to grow under glass. This little beauty is a powerhouse that does not quit! I have mine growing single in a glass jar terrarium and it has bloomed twice since I bought it last year, one small single bloom and then a huge flush last month! Like a tiny dream fairyland inside a glass. If you want a lovely blooming plant for a terrarium or windowsill, one that will delight and surprise you every time you see it, Rob's Itchy Britches is the plant for you!

Lena M Jul 07 2022, 16:59 PM

Sad tale of Itchy Britches.

Although Violet Barn is an excellent place to buy African Violets, my experience with Itchy Britches was not good. I bought two Itchy Britches plants. Neither thrived. Neither grew nor bloomed, and both, first one an then the other, dwindled away to nothing. I am a new grower of African Violets and my culture may have contributed to their demise, but none of the other violets failed like Britches. I gave it a four because of the possible role of my culture, otherwise I would give it a 2.

Wanda Pugner Jun 06 2021, 16:09 PM

Love this one!

This is one of my favorite Rob's! It's a sweet little plant and blooms beautifully!

Anonymous May 23 2021, 23:15 PM

Itchy Britches

I was initially hesitant about venturing into growing mini violets but Itchy Britches won me over. Such a unique little violet with stunning variegated foliage and blooms. Each blossom keeps you in anticipation as to the color it will be when it opens. Truly a must have for a violet collection!

Anonymous Feb 06 2021, 10:59 AM

A true beauty!

Gave this mini as a gift, and it did not disappoint! Just ☺️ lovely!

Anonymous Dec 27 2020, 22:34 PM

Wife loves this one

In a south west kitchen window. Lost a couple of leaves, then started filling back out a bit, now middle of October it’s blooming. First one about a month ago, still there, and 4 more little buds showed up, now blooming too. Lovely little plant in a wick container. Need a way to post pictures.

Dana Raciborski Oct 19 2020, 15:36 PM


The flowers on this cute little mini never disappoint. Each pretty flower is uniquely different.

Lola Majeske Oct 18 2020, 14:58 PM

Unique flowers on variegated foliage!

This one was a freebie in a previous order and it's a great little hybrid! Easy-growing with relatively large and frilly flowers that are often quite different from one another, with variably sized blotches of blue fantasy, all atop cute rounded variegated leaves. Quite a fancy plant in a small package.

Nicolette Nagamatsu Aug 17 2020, 19:34 PM

Itchy Britches

Itchy Britches is just as beautiful as its picture. I've had it several years and I love the cheery blooms! This hardy charmer will make you smile!

Laura Lacy Jul 12 2020, 15:42 PM


One of the first ones I ordered from the Violet Barn. It's so cute! It has been a reliable bloomer for me.

Emily Phenix Jul 08 2020, 10:26 AM

Every flower different

one of my favorites. Grows well. The first flowers were mostly one color, however the new flowers are very colorful and flashy.

julia Bartosh Jun 03 2020, 12:42 PM

Nice plant

I like the fantasy on the blossoms and the variable color on the blossoms. It never disappoints.

Paul Hussa Apr 28 2020, 18:35 PM

One of my absolute favorites

One of my favorite of Rob's hybrids. This is a fun plant and I love its foliage.

Anonymous Apr 01 2020, 14:51 PM

Adorable mini

This adorable little plant arrived in perfect condition and is already in pre-bloom. I couldn't be happier!

Emily Injeian Nov 29 2019, 11:42 AM

Cute mini!

This is a cute mini, but didn’t survive my beginner mistakes. I think my area was too cold for it. However, I’ve learned from Itchy Britches & I am thankful for that! Love the unique flower coloring.

Anonymous Sep 09 2018, 22:06 PM

Sweet Heart

This is my first miniature and it is so enchanting!! From the tiny varigated leaves to the delicate pastel blooms, it truely is a wonder! I gave one that I grew from a leaf to my friend that lost her mother long ago (& she had AV's). She loves it!!

Jennifer Redlin May 02 2018, 02:00 AM

A petite African Violet, with spectacular flowers and leaves!

This is the only actual miniature African Violet I have in my collection. It is so beautiful overall, each and every flower that blooms on this plant is just a little bit different, lots of varying colors too!

Ryan Majeske Oct 23 2017, 00:11 AM

Delightful Charmer!

This mini is just as pretty as pictured, and is a hardy, happy plant. A wonderful addition to my collection!

Laura Lacy Sep 11 2017, 13:11 PM


I ordered some mini varieties a few weeks ago and so far this one is my favorite. The flowers are really neat with small splashes of color on a white base. Mine is about done blooming for the moment, but even just the leaves are beautiful.

Micah Christensen Jul 30 2017, 18:19 PM

Beautiful, healthy plants

I am so very pleased with my lovely mni Itchy Britches violet. They arrived today and were perfectly packaged to not every lose any soil. One of the two I ordered has beautiful variegated leaves and the other solid green leaves with several tiny buds almost ready to open. Thank you so much for this wonderful tiny plant.

Alma Cross May 04 2017, 14:05 PM

Lovely little Mini

I just received my first order from The Violet Barn and my first mini's. I am looking forward to Miss Itchy Britches's getting her first buds. I have no doubt they will be gorgeous since the leaves are beautiful and very healthy despite being in a topsy-turvy shipping box traveling in very hot weather. Plus it came a day early! I'm delighted and very pleased and am looking forward to buying more.

Marie Shake Apr 20 2017, 15:28 PM

Little Beauty!

Breath taking little blooms, each one unique! Had this one years ago and planning to reorder it again!

Amie Miller Jan 21 2017, 16:39 PM

Itching For Itchy Britches to Bloom!

Can't wait for this lovely little violet to open up its buds. As sooo many others have noted, the packaging is expertly done. This plant arrived with 2 bloom stalks putting forth buds. I'm excited to see it in bloom.

Betsy Ways Nov 15 2016, 20:00 PM

If you want only one mini, this is it...

Love this cute little plant with pretty big colorful flowers and variegated leaves . Lost it under too much sunlight. Will definitely get another in future.

Anonymous Oct 15 2016, 15:48 PM

Never the same blossom pattern twice and always gorgous

This plant is a tiny joy everytime it blooms , the blooms are awesome in their beauty , for such a dainty plant it has huge eye appeal , a delight to the sight :) the fantasy if gorgeous .

Connie Schanfield May 01 2016, 12:08 PM

Every flower so unique!

I really enjoyed how every little bloom on this cute little violet, was it's own little work of art! Very beautiful! If you enjoy miniatures, you need to add this one to your collection!

Elisa Allen Aug 02 2015, 12:03 PM

I came back for seconds on this one

I love this one too soft pastels blooms it head off. It is a winner .

Susan Earnheart-Terrell Nov 07 2014, 01:39 AM

Beautiful flowers

The flowers are EXACTLY as pictured - I am so excited to add this to my collection. The leaves are not variegated yet, but I'm sure it's due to it's young age. These plants are superbly packed as well!

Paul Gerthoffer Oct 11 2014, 11:59 AM

A varied bouquet in one plant!

As the title says, between the variegated leaves and the flowers being all sorts of colors at different stages, this one provides a bouquet of flowers in one pot. A friend gave me a baby off of her plant, and that's why I'm here now to get more! I'd give this one 6 stars if I could!

Daniel Coates May 18 2014, 21:38 PM

wavy leaves!

This plant so cute! I love the waviness of the leaves, and the flowers appeared as was in the photo! Very nice plant.

Amy Huo May 12 2014, 01:19 AM

very pretty

I love this little plant so much I have to buy them as signature gifts, easy to grow pretty little plant.

Sam Cunningham Apr 26 2014, 17:13 PM

Fell in love with this little guy!

What a sweet, happy little plant! I adore the variegated leaves, they are so beautiful! He's just started to bloom now and I'm over the moon with how adorable Itchy Britches is, I have to buy 2 more for a nice grouping. Love!!!

maureen galligan Sep 05 2013, 19:29 PM

What a cutie!

Received my mini in perfect condition. Very well packed, and fast delivery. The plant is so cute and very healthy, with tiny buds on it. Can't wait until they open. Very pleased with this plant and my entire order.

Sue G. Jun 12 2013, 17:34 PM

Wonderful little plant

I purchased this plant a few months ago. It came in with wonderful blooms, and grew quickly. I can't wait to see what it does come spring.

Shannon Hubner Feb 01 2013, 14:36 PM

Great blooms

I was happy to see that my blooms really looked like the picture. Very neat little plant.

Judith Rayfield Jan 17 2013, 06:55 AM


I have had Itchy Britches for a year and it is a wonderful little violet. It won a Blue Ribbon at our local fair last week and is going to the Dixie Classic Fair next week. It is a frequent bloomer and easy to grow.

Mary Spainhour Sep 14 2012, 15:39 PM

Rob's Itchy Britches

I received this plant almost a year ago and it has been a true delight! It stays neat and is a non-stop performer! The colors remind me of a Springtime country fair! The variegated leaves nicely complement the flowers and complete the springtime effect.

Angelique Glass Jun 03 2012, 12:30 PM

Great mini!

I've had this little guy for quite a while now. It bloom true to the picture and I love it! Thanks!!

Jennifer Keough Nov 11 2011, 23:19 PM

Robs Itchy Britches

This is one of the 3 minis I ordered - they are all wonderful! This one has the most beautiful foliage with buds starting to sprout. I am so thrilled and would recommend this to anyone who likes variagated leaves. Your shipment arrived perfect and well packaged. Thank you.

Trena Beaman May 18 2011, 18:07 PM

Robs Itchy Britches

Such delicate blooms of pastel Easter colors to add to anyone's collection with interesting leaf patterns to coincide even when not in bloom....just Awesome !

Julie Lahti Apr 10 2011, 01:48 AM

Explosion of color

This little darling is sure to bring smiles every time you look at it. My plant arrived Friday and in full bloom. Way to go on this little darling. This is a MUST have plant

Raina Snell Feb 20 2011, 07:34 AM

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