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Rob's Wascally Wabbit

Adorable!  Round puffs of denim-blue double blooms with hints of white above exquisite, tiny, pointed, dark green and beige to pink crown variegated foliage.  An easy, tiny, grower almost always in heavy bloom.  Miniature.   AVSA #10983


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Rob's Wascally Wabbit

Average Rating 4.9 out of 5

Absolutely stunning

Discovered this plant after seeing a beautiful specimen someone posted to reddit. This beauty might be the start of an AV addiction! Gorgeous even without blooms!

Nichole Kim Nov 01 2020, 10:42 AM

Wascally Wabbit is so pretty!

I just got this adorable baby girl in the mail today and she’s so pretty! The pics on here do not do her justice. The pink shiny heart shaped velvet leaves are to die for! My order was packaged so nicely and came quickly once it was shipped. I was able to keep track of it and retrieved it from the mail box as soon as it arrived. I will definitely be ordering from here again! Thanks for the lovely plants!

Annette Gaetz Oct 24 2020, 21:40 PM

Trust Me, I Wanted to Love it 100% :-(

I agree with everyone, the variegation and leaves are stunning in pattern and color. My issue with this is the fragility of the plant. My other 5 violets are all exploding, where as Wascilly Wabbit seems to kill off some leaves each time i see a new one pop out. I’m down to about 1/3 the original leaves. I will say I bump things around from time to time, but Wascilly Wabbit is extreeeemely fragile in my opinion. I would say it were me if my others weren’t doing so spectacular!

Carl Dietrich Oct 11 2020, 22:56 PM

My new favorite!

I am absolutely OBSESSED with the tiny, silvery pink variegated foliage of this tiny micro! It sparks joy and is a gem in my collection

Maya Pahima Sep 06 2020, 00:03 AM

In Love

I usually don’t post review but, this Wascally Wabbit I have to. I’m in love with this Mini Violet the foliage is soo beautiful It made me smile everytime I look at it, it just brights up my day. This Violet is sitting next to my bed with a grow light shines down on her so I can look at her when I wake up first thing in the morning. If you’re looking for a mini Violet I promised You won’t go wrong with this Violet I promised u will feel the same way as I do

Cindy Yuan Aug 14 2020, 23:25 PM

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