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Blue Dragon

Terrific, one of our best sellers.  Large, unusual sdbl. light blue stars with darker eye, purple band, variable white edge.  Large, quilted, standard foliage.  (Sorano)  AVSA #9516


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Blue Dragon

Average Rating 4.9 out of 5

A Very Sturdy Hybrid

As other reviewers have said, if you're a show grower, Blue Dragon can be a bit finicky performance wise (she'll teach you how to treat her over time), BUT a of all the AV's I've grown, it does seem to be one of the hardest to accidentally kill also. It is a good window sill plant, for those just wanting a houseplant that blooms, hardy and easy to bring back from the edge when things seem to be going wrong. A great variety for beginners, and pro's alike. The blooms are long lasting, and spectacular.

Anonymous Sep 26 2021, 04:01 AM

Bold Blooms

I've been watching this one in my friend's collection for several years. Can't stand it any longer. so I'm ordering this beauty for myself. The blooms are huge!

Helen Grogan Oct 12 2020, 20:31 PM

Game of Thrones

I've had this AV growing in it's original pot for under 10 months...and this sleeping beauty was hiding the biggest bloom from me, and I water it every week! The blooms are definitely beyond being dragonly humongous. No seriously, don't second guess on Blue Dragon. I have a bloom that is over three inches -bigger than the original pot size, with several buds just waiting for me to watch him (yes, it's a him) play Game of Thrones with my AV collection. I have to thank Violet Barn and their blog tips, thank you VB!

Tynisha Kirkley Oct 11 2020, 23:45 PM

amazing blooms

I received this plant from violet barn almost three years ago. It is beautiful, but is one of my more finicky plants for growth of leaves and number of blooms... but they are so pretty its worth it!

sara ponikvar Oct 01 2020, 16:00 PM


This plant has the most beautiful blooms!

Anonymous Aug 25 2020, 19:59 PM

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