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Selaginella kr. aurea

Selaginella kraussiana aurea.  Terrific, golden yellow, ground-hugging moss.  Great for adding color to a terrarium or other small planting.  Easy to grow, a must-have.


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Selaginella kr. aurea

Average Rating 4.6 out of 5

Beautiful little plant

This plant will spread on the bottom of your container. Nice color to contrast with other plants

Diann Klotzbier May 16 2021, 18:19 PM

Bright Colored Fern

I purchased this bright colored little fern and am really enjoying it. I plan to add more ferns to my collection after adding to my African Violets. I highly recommend Violet Barn. Their selection and quality is excellent. Karen Hood Spokane Valley, WA

Dr James Hood Jan 04 2019, 18:38 PM

grows like crazy

I would definitely recommend this to anyone. I put it in a terrarium and it completely took over. It grows like crazy when it gets the right humidity so plan on trimming it a lot.

Elyse Okopski Oct 01 2018, 18:14 PM

A must have

I love this the contrast of this bright green color, it really stands out. It seems quite hardy and is growing well in my sealed terrarium!

Roberta Hornauer May 31 2018, 23:10 PM

Nice color!

Nice color. Makes a great contrast with other plants in terrarium.

Frank Soares Apr 27 2015, 12:20 PM

beautiful color

Thus moss has done very well in my sealed terrarium. It is a beautiful, bright green. I have had to cut it back a few times because it was overtaking other plants.

Meagan Freeland Oct 18 2014, 20:38 PM


I've only had this plant a little over a week now. It really brightens my closed terrarium. Very healthy and grows fast.

Anonymous Aug 14 2014, 19:39 PM

Cheerful and colorful little plant.

I love this cheerful and colorful plant. Its chartreuse is a nice contrast to the other plants in the terrarium. Grows pretty easily. Recommend!

Anonymous Mar 03 2014, 19:35 PM

selaginella kraussiana

Very adorable plant. Brightens up any terrarium garden. Order more to give as a gift.

mary jo gude Jan 25 2014, 11:29 AM

Beautiful Golden Fern

I purchased this little golden fern-type plant for my terrarium. Then I purchased two more because one is never enough. A "must have" for any terrarium or dish garden. It adds such great color to any planting.

Linda K Cannon Mar 20 2012, 20:41 PM

great terrarium plant

I have this great moss used as a groundcover in my large h. potter terrarium. It brightens and contrasts very nicely with the other plants and seems to thrive in the high humidity. LOVE IT!

Pamela White May 15 2011, 21:41 PM

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